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lacres de seguranca sistema replik  Replik Seals

lacres de seguranca sistema replik


The Replik plastic security system was created to replace the heavy metallic padlock, when the main objective is to prevent theft. The common padlocks can be easily opened with special tools or with a copy of the original key, without leaving any traces. This seal features a space for signature or high relief personalization. It is sealed with the Plik seal. The identification through numbering reduces theft attempts and creates a security link. So any changes or replacements can be detected and proved.

lacres de seguranca sistema replik aplicacao


  • Bags


  • Reusable
  • No keys are needed
  • 100%  anti-tampering
  • Logo and letter personalization is available
 – Plastic seal thread measuring 5.5 cm in length and high relief numbering.

How-to-Use Price

– Tab seal with high relief numbering.

How-to-Use Price
 – Available in mats of ten seals, hot-stamp numbered without logo.

How-to-Use Price
lacres de seguranca plik nh cartela
Mats of ten seals


Quantity: Replik – Up to 5,000 seals. Plik – up to 10,000 seals.
Colors/Codes: Replik - gray and brown (GY and BR). Plik – yellow, blue, orange and red (YL, BL, OR and RD).
Personalization: Replik – Signature space. Plik - Not applicable.
Code: Replik - No repetition, with five high relief alphanumeric digits; Plik N - No repetition, with six high relief alphanumeric digits; Plik C NH - No repetition, with seven alphanumeric digits in hot stamp.
Quantity: Replik – More than 5,000; Plik – More than 10,000.
Colors/Codes: Replik and Plik – Dark blue, white, gray, brown, black, green, yellow, blue and red (DB, WH, GY, BR, BK, GR, YL, BL, OR and RD).
Personalization: Replik and Plik N – High relief logo and/or  lettering; Plik C NH – Not available.
Code: The same as the ones in the standard ordering. Please, consult us on packaging indicating the numeric sequence of the seals.

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